Week 22 I Am The Master of My Emotions

Great Evening Everyone.  Scroll VI was very timely and greatly needed.  I’ve been feeling like I’m in a pressure cooker.  My life experiences have become so intense I’m likon a queste what’s really going on.  I see growth and I’ve come to the conclusion that growth doesn’t always feel good.  Scroll VI states Today I am the master of my emotions, which means I have a choice in how I choose to respond or react to a situation.  Scroll VI give you the tools needed to get over ill emotions.

If I’m depressed I shall sing.  If I feel sad I shall laugh.If I feel ill I shall double my labor.If I feel fear I shall plunge forward.  If I feel inferior I shall wear new garments.  If I feel uncertain I shall raise my voice. If I feel poverty I shall think of wealth to come. If I feel incompetent I remember past success. If I feel insignificant I shall remember my goals.  Each one of these are tools to overcome negative feelings, and they actually work.

From experiencing numerous deaths last week, serious disappointments this week, I’m happy to say that the best of my emotions were positive no matter how bleak the situation was.  There are times that I ask myself how did I attract all this madness in my life, and I now understand that its part of the journey, and apart of growth.

I’m still feeling like my mouth has been shut I’m still processing many of my life circumstances.  I’m expecting a huge turn around in my situation.  It’s no fun being attacked financially, physically, and spiritually.  Until we meet again next week.

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Week 21 Experiencing a Brain Freeze

Great Evening!  We are at the close of another month!  I’m thankful to say I’m glad a new month is ahead.  Once again I havebrain freeze hit a brain freeze not knowing what to say.  This week I’ve had many examples of using tools of hurt, pain, sadness, anger, sadness, and discouragement.  To make a long story short whenever those emotions rose I just thought or did the opposite, and used it as my motivation to accomplish my goals instead of staying in the negative effects of those emotions.

When various road blocks occurred I just did my sit and it seemed to work itself out.  I must be on the verge of a breakthrough because every day is more intense than the previous one.  I’m very thankful for being able to have the tools taught to us by the MKMMA to keep my thinking on track.

It does my heart good to see people stories in the Alliance area it truly can be encouraging.  I’m thankful that I’m able now able to recognize the existence of my power, and the ability I have to use it.

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Week 20 Locking onto the Spirit Within

Great Day!  Haanel starts with GOD is Spirit.  Spirit is the creative Principle of the Universe.  Man is made in the image and likeness of GOD.  Man is therefore a spiritual being.  The only activity which spirit possesses is the power to think.comeback  Thinking therefore a creative process.  All form is therefore the result of the thinking process.  Wow how powerful is that?

This journey has been one that I’ve never been on before, and its amazing how it is answering many questions that I once had in my mind.  Questions that no one could answer before except this is what the Bible states, therefore this is what you must believe.  Sometimes even without a logical conclusion.

This week has been an incredible and very uncomfortable week. I had writers block.  I haven’t been on Twitter nor have I been in the Alliances.  I wasn’t for sure if it was rebellion or if it was just that I needed to be silent. Instead of speaking I needed to just listen.  I’m seeing things that I had in my previous DMP coming to the forefront.  As uncomfortable as it has been, it has been a blessing to see that once you start something the Universe doesn’t forget about it just because you have.  I’m starting to recognize the opportunities disguised as obstacles.  I can see how this temporary set back is turning into an awesome comeback. I’m starting to see when you and your creator have become one the opportunities are limitless.

I now see that prayer is nothing but a Master Mind of people coming together in agreement of a common goal.  Give more get more.  The more I prayed for others and asked others to stand in agreement with me for others, the less I had to pray for myself.  The less I worried about my circumstances.

The biggest revelation this week was how my thinking about my current circumstances changed from being angry, and disgruntled to being thankful, and able to see the bigger picture.  Had these untimely circumstances not happen I wouldn’t know the power that has already been given to me.  I wouldn’t have met the people I met this week, and I wouldn’t know whose for me and whose against me.

If it wasn’t for the Spirit of God rising up within I probably would be a basket case right now.  The silence and sitting has definitely been key.  I’m thankful that I’ve been able to pretty much stick with my daily habits. I’m becoming more aware of my power, and I am starting to use it.  So happy to finally recognize that the Spirit of God and I are one.

Dreams that are meant to be will be no matter what. Thanks for stopping by see you next week!

Week 19 Leaving The Reluctant Hero Behind

Great Day Everyone!  Last night I had some technical difficulties with my computer only to find out thatno longer a reluctant hero the post I was working on did not save.  Now I’m left to start all over again.

Now back to the subject at hand.  It was a great surprise to me that I was a reluctant hero.  It was revealed to me this week, by the circumstances I went through this week.  I tell you my DMP from 2013 has come back to haunt me which was the revelation.  I stated that I wanted to build a one level home, 4 bedrooms, and 5 baths, a horse shoe drive way, Grecian pool, my yard to look like an oasis, and to accommodate my physical challenges.  I also entailed building a family legacy with our family owned business,  I also wanted to become an author and speaker. Now my current DMP entails some of the same goals but there are some changes I made.

Needless to say I have been forced into unseen circumstances with my current home that was bought and paid for in full in 2001, but due to my Dad running into some financial problems, and needing funds to start on a commercial job he used my house to secure a loan, not realizing if he didn’t meet the terms in a year we would lose my home.  He never informed me of this. I learned about this in September 3 days after I lost my place of service.  My only income.  Talk about timing.  I have to pay rent now and no source of income.  Thanks Universe and Dad.

This led me to open a go fund me account and while doing this I had to give a description of why I needed this financial assistance.  As I did this I started to become intrigued by my father’s story, and a few others.  I have started writing the book about my parents.  Now I’m forced to go back to Detroit to see what’s gong on with my Dad’s business, and why he is experiencing such a decline in his business, which is our family legacy.  Detroit isn’t a nice place to be at the moment, and the weather definitely isn’t nice during the winter.  I need to be the hero right now for my parents and my grand baby.  I now wish that I had just did it on my own, but that was me denying the assignment or task at hand.

I’m discovering that just because I was slow poking on moving towards the things I said I wanted the Universe/GOD had already started putting things in motion.  Now I’m playing catch up to what I originally asked for.  I’m excited because I’m seeing that the MKMMA is the real deal wholly field, not that I didn’t before, but it’s truly a big difference when you start experiencing it for yourself.

I’m somewhat disappointed in myself because I didn’t keep my promises as I said, and the ball kept rolling without me.  Now I’m in uncomfortable circumstances, but I’m thankful because I’m uncomfortable I have no choice but to get into action.  This has shown me that I am very stubborn.  My current circumstances had me feeling like Job and Jonah at the same time.  I have finally recognized, and surrendered to the process.  I  accept and take full responsibility for what is happening in my life at the moment.  I’m excited to see the things to come.  This has also moved me to revise my DMP and really get to the core f the direction I’m headed in.

This experience has been very humbling and a little humiliating at the same time because I’m one that doesn’t like to ask anyone for anything, but I had no choice.  This experience has stripped me of my pride, and ego which is what I said I would sacrifice in my DMP for this year, and it increased my courage which was my word for the week.  How ironic!  It also has allowed me to become a grateful receiver.  I’m an excellent giver, but a horrible receiver.  I have great difficulty allowing people to help me, no I had great difficulty.  I no longer have that issue.  I’m a grateful receiver now, not by choice, but because it is necessary.  It’s almost spooky how things are happening.

I’m more thankful about finally being able to accept that I have been a reluctant hero, and now I am a willing and enthusiastic hero and receiver.  Thanks for stopping by.  Until we meet again.

Week 18 Putting My Life Into Perspective

Great Evening!  Hmm its been an interesting week.  I’m celebrating that I kept my promises this week.  Which has kept me in a great mental state.  The reading of Scroll V, haI shall live this day as if its my lastving to read obituaries, and having to hear the passing of so many people since this year has started really has caused me to look at my life differently.  I’m under intense pressure right now yet I still have peace.  Today was the first day that I looked at my circumstances and ill emotions started to creep in for a moment.  I had to truly put the law of substitution into full force, and it worked.  I have to be grateful for my current circumstances no matter what because I could be dead, but as the scroll said “I greet this day with cries of joy as a prisoner reprieved from death.  I will lift mine arms in thanks for this priceless gift of a new day.”  This is something I have taken for granted.  In my mind there is always another day, and it is, but is there one for me.  I don’t know until I open in my eyes.

Scroll V helped me to see that there is no need to worry about what I think may happen because it may not happen.  I have to live in today, and do the best that I can.  It has forced me to put forth more effort then not.  I’m not a thief so by allowing doubt, fear, procrastination to set in I’m robbing myself and those that I care about.

I ask myself today if I was to die today would I be content with my current status, and the answer is yes and no.  I’m still awaiting the transfer of funding to my hands so that I can leave something for my grandchild, and my children.  I am content with the foundation I laid for my children, and the ability to have helped so many different family and friends with what I did have.  So in light of that I must continue to push so that I can achieve all that I have attempt to do.

I had taken a picture last week and I was sitting on my staircase, and it was funny you couldn’t see the wall or where it ended it was just a bright light.  I said it looked like  a staircase to heaven. I freaked my kstairway to heavenids out because I told them that was the picture I wanted on my obituary.  They were thinking to the left.  I told them I don’t plan on dying right now, but who ever does?  How would they know what I wanted unless I told them.  They still think it was spooky.  I’m like death is something we all have to face.  I guess the scary part is that its unknown.  I thought about writing my own obituary as well, then again I just may wait, then that would be procrastination.  I shall be writing it sooner than later.

Everyday I vow to begin a new life, greet each day in love, persist until I succeed, know that I am nature’s greatest miracle, and live as if this was my last day. I expect more and not less of myself.  Looking forward to next week experience.  Thanks for stopping by!

Week 17AHJ A Week of Pondering

Great Evening MKMMA!  I was glad this week was on revisiting lessonsHappy and stuck we have already been taught.  I was one that was drifting in some areas while maintaining strong in others.  This week’s word for me was enthusiasm it reminded me of Mark J all I could hear was his voice telling us that’s what we have to have ENTHUSIASM when we read, with feelings.  I confess i was not abundantly blessed with enthusiasm this week it was a challenge due to circumstances, but I’m thankful that I was able to recognize that you can overcome and achieve the feelings you want, you just have to make a decision and do it!

I feel like I received my second wind and the lessons are starting to grow within.  i experienced a lot of kindness this week.  My neighbor fixed my gate for me, because my dog kept getting out and he’s a pit bull and I didn’t want any problems.  I saw my neighbor outside and asked him where did he get the wiring for the gate.  He said he had some and asked where did I need it.  i showed him and he came a few days later and completed the task.  I asked him how much he said no charge girl you are a good neighbor.  Made me feel great and thankful.

Now I truly have grasp the meaning of when OG says “I’ve been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life, for I perceive, at last that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are in truth great opportunities in disguise.  I’m no longer fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open. I’m looking beyond the cloth and I am not deceived”  When I tell you I’m experiencing some things that I never would have thought I would face, and I would have never thought i would be as cool as I am.  I was rattled for a moment, but I just think if I wasn’t going through the MKMMA I think i would still be rattled.  I’m practicing Acceptance and Responsibility for them.

Reviewing Haanel Chapter 9 and 10 made me feel like i need to review certain parts in every chapter to keep it at the forefront.  It sparked the flames as to why certain things are happening in my life which just answered the question of What am I pretending not to know.  Chapter 10 revealed that I’m pretending not to know how to access my Creator.  Wow this is coming to me as I’m writing a true epiphany for me.  Exhale a relief I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a Spiritual, mental, and physical war with Rhonda, and with the forces that be. Laughing to myself, and that’s something that I didn’t have any issues with doing, but then I started receiving some different truth other than what I was taught, and once again it rattled me for a moment, and I’ve been on a quest to get back in tune with my Creator separate from what man says he is.

We are going into a new month the shortest month of the year.  I’m thankful that the time gauge is reset even though it never stops.  I plan on seeing the fruit of my labor.  I plan on putting my best effort to truly bring forth results.  I now understand the importance of moving and the bodies use of energy.  They say if you don’t use it you lose it and with my body this is true.  I haven’t been physically active for the past year and neither has anything else. Go figure.  So as I persist until I succeed I shall put forth my best effort with love and no shall be able to defend against its force.  Yes a new month is coming.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until we meet again next month, next week.  Great night or Great Morning depending on where you’re at MKMMA!

Qoute from Les Brown’s Tonight’s FB post

How do you keep your head up, maintain your laughter and keep going when life comes at you..fast and hard? One of the most important things you can do is to ask yourself the question ~ What are you looking at?

Today – focus on what can be and what will be… in spite of the odds, despite your present situation, or regardless of the circumstances. Be still and know that…with faith, patience, perseverance, and an unstoppable spirit…things WILL get better. Stand up within yourself and KEEP ON PUSHING. You have comeback power. You have GREATNESS within you!

Week 17 What Can I Say

Great Evening Everyone one thing I can say is how thankful I am to see growth from being in the MKMMA.  The readings, the sitting, the make over has truly help keep me in a great place.  There were a few things that stood out to me in Chapter 17! Haanel spoke about intuition, and how it usually comes, this is why the sits are so important. Intuition usually solves the problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power. It reveals the truth for which we are searching.  Lol I just love how each week is so timely for the circumstances in my life.  This is what I needed,

Then Haanel stated You may be pursuing the symbols of power, instead of power itself.  You  may be pursuing fame instead of honor, riches instead of wealth, position instead of servitude; in either event you will find that they turn to ashes just as you overtake them. Wow very profound I had to ask myself this question am I wanting the symbols which are temporary or the actual principle itself which is permanent.  I got it.

This week I focused on courage, wealth and health.  That’s what I yearn to have in my life.  I did good with all the activities this week except my tweeting and getting in the Alliance area.  I did a few days and I can definitely tell the difference on the days I don’t get in there.

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by!